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Recycled Artworks, freehand cut:

Joel Isaacs

Full-time metal artist and fabricator located in Milltown, Montana on the bank of the Blackfoot River. Joel's work is an expression of the many things he loves about the area he is fortunate to live in. Joel's passion is to create one of a kind pieces to share with the world and help his customers find that next piece for the perfect spot in their business or home. To achieve one of a kind artwork, Joel cuts all artwork by hand. He feels this gives his artwork the human element, which expresses very well in the final result. There is no two pieces that are the same and every one of his pieces has its very own identity. Joel loves to bring new life and interest to metal that has been lost or forgotten across Montana. Media types consist of used 55 gallon barrels, old signs, broken farm equipment, anything that can be cut up and reused in any way possible. If you ever come across any metal in your travels he would love to hear about it. Believe Joel when he says there’s gold in our rivers and mountains.

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