55 gallon drums.

These are some of the most common things you’ll see littered across a typical Montana property. Some have seen 40+ winters, sitting in a lonely field with a lost purpose. These drums have history. Until you start cutting and shaping them you’ll then see these barrels come to life. Joel’s passion consists of salvaging these barrels across Montana and turning them into something they’d never expect to be. Art.

The methods used by Joel are rudimentary. Take a concept, draw, cut, weld, repeat. No computerized cutting equipment, just a steady hand and a vision.

Contact Joel for pricing and more information.

Mantucky Metal Art is on display for sale at the following Businesses:

Big Sky Brewing Company – West Missoula

Market on Front – Downtown Missoula

Import Market – Downtown Missoula

Grizzly Hackle – Downtown Missoula

El Diablo – Missoula

Crazy Horse Consignment – Lolo

Montana Bliss Artworks – Hamilton

Keller Williams – Missoula

Joel offers special ordering for customers along with art for sale. He can take a concept and make it a reality for businesses and homes. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss please feel free to use the contact page in get in touch.

Attention Realtors:

Gift your next client with a one of a kind Mantucky Art Piece. Make an impression and let customers bring you and your team up every time a visitor mentions the art piece hanging in their new home. Some Realtors even create a unique impression by signing the closing date on the piece or write a special note on the backside of the piece. It’ll stick around longer than a gift basket and a bottle of wine! Bulk order (5 or more) discounts available. Prices range from $80 – $500.


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