Pints for Prostates

Pints for Prostates is a grassroots campaign designed to raise awareness among men about prostate cancer and the importance of early detection in fighting the disease. The group was founded in 2008 after beer journalist Rick Lyke was diagnosed at 47-years-old and successfully treated for prostate cancer.

Many men ignore the advice to get regular physical exams. Most men believe prostate cancer is “an old man’s disease” and it won’t happen to them. The reality is men should talk to their doctor about getting a baseline prostate cancer screening when they reach 40 years old, or at 35 years old if they have a family history of the disease or a part of a high- risk group, such as African Americans.

Pints for Prostates works to engage men in a conversation about their health in a relaxed and non-threatening way. By having some fun with a topic they would rather avoid, we are able to reach a population of men who might otherwise ignore traditional health messages.

On an annual basis Pints for Prostates appears at nearly 100 events across the United States. These include beer festivals and gatherings at bars and breweries. We are also involved in several boutique tasting events, including the Denver Rare Beer Tasting, NC Rare & Vintage Beer Tasting, and Northern Lights Rare Beer Fest. These events attract some of America’s top craft brewers and generate significant press and social media attention.

“Rare Gold” measures 16″ wide by 30″ tall at 12 pounds. Created from recycled 55-gallon drums and cut completely freehand by Joel Isaacs. The piece is layered metal with a dimension between the mountains, trees, and the iconic Big Sky Brewing Company bison skull. There’s not a lot of gold out there but you just found some.  This is a one of a kind piece!!

Big Sky Brewing Co. “Rare Gold” 16″x30″ Metal Artwork

Artist: Joel Isaacs, Mantucky Metal Artwork